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Here Kitty, Kitty: Tips To Follow When Trying To Find Your Lost Cat

Posted by on Feb 3, 2016 in Uncategorized |

A lost pet is devastating, and it may be very challenging to know what to do to help your pet find its way home. Cats are particularly at risk because many are outdoor pets, which have freedom to roam during the day. This can cause them to become distracted or disoriented, which causes them to lose their way. When your cat is missing, there are a few things that you can do to increase kitty’s odds of finding their way back to their family: Check any out-buildings. The best place to start looking for a lost cat is in any garages, sheds, utility barns, or abandoned buildings near your home. This may involve knocking on doors and asking for permission. If your pet is a wanderer, consider investing in live animal cam to set-up around the perimeter of your property. Report the pet lost. Contact the authorities, including the police, animal control, and humane society, to alert them that your pet has become lost. Check the listings, social media pages, and websites of these community groups to find lost and found pet pictures and sightings. Create a flyer. Find a good photo of your pet and plan to use it to make a flyer that you can hang around the neighborhood, give to citizens, and provide to authorities. It may be cheaper in the long-run to use a copy shop or print store for color copies than it will be to make them on your home printer. Take to social media. Social media pages are an excellent way to get information about your lost pet out to the community at large. Join groups that offer community postings about yard sales, merchandise, and lost pets, and share often. Pay a visit to animal control. It doesn’t hurt to pay a visit to animal control and your city shelter with a flyer and to review photos of recently found cats. This may help leave an impression on the intake workers, who could contact you when pets resembling yours come in. Contact your vet. Even if your cat is not micro-chipped, it doesn’t hurt to visit your vet’s office, and any other veterinary offices in the area, with a picture in case your cat is brought in. You may also need to provide vaccination records to animal control if your pet does turn up to prove that those handling the cat were not exposed to rabies. Stay positive, imagine kitty home, and try to not lose hope when dealing with a missing pet. Pets have been known to wander and return home after weeks, months, or sometimes years. Take precaution and have your pet microchipped and keep tags on them to aid others in helping lost cats find their way back...

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What To Look For In Timesheet Software

Posted by on Jan 14, 2016 in Uncategorized |

If your employees are “on the clock,” you probably already know how hard it is to keep track of time sheets, punch cards, and the other common time tracking methods. Fortunately, you no longer have to rely on those outdated methods of tracking employee work time. Instead, you can simply make use of a quality timesheet software program. There are a lot of good programs out there, so many in fact that choosing the right one can be difficult. There’s no specific brand or type of software that is the right answer; indeed, every “right answer” will likely be different based on the individual business and its needs. With that said, however, there are definitely some winning qualities you should look for in any software that you choose. Remote Access To begin with, you’ll definitely want to make sure that whatever software program you choose has a remote access feature. Your employees who work in payroll are busy, probably a whole lot busier than they let on. That means that employees may take their work home with them, which can be hard if they rely on antiquated time-tracking methods. However, by giving them the ability to access their records and files away from home, they can work anytime and anywhere, ensuring more work will get done. In that regard, you’re only helping yourself and your business. Furthermore, it’s nice for you to be able to access files and records in the event that there is some kind of problem or issue you need to check out. It’s a whole lot nice to handle an emergency from far away when you’re on vacation than it is to have to come home to deal with it! Customizable Reporting Customizable reporting is a nice timesheet software feature for any business to have, but it’s particularly important for large businesses. When you have a lot of employees working for you, you don’t have time to scroll through hundreds (or more!) of reports to find out how a specific department is doing in terms of hours, much less a specific employee. With a customizable report feature, you can look at reports based on any number of quantifiers. Whether you want to look at how a particular department or employer is performing or at how many hours are being logged on a particular project, all of that is made a lot easier with a customizable reporting feature. These are just a couple of must-have features in timesheet software. This type of software has gotten very advanced in recent years, and even more excellent options are available, so do your research and be selective about the software you choose....

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Raise Money For Your High School Class With These Two Items

Posted by on Dec 28, 2015 in Uncategorized |

When you’re trying to raise money your high school class, it can be a challenge. Selling holiday desserts and holding car washes can help raise money from time to time, but if you want to raise the most money possible for your class activities, you need to focus on items that can regularly bring in money throughout the year. Here are some items that may work for your class. Custom, Embroidered T-Shirts Your school store or sports teams might already be selling generic t-shirts that have the school’s logo or mascot on it. However, to make things a little more interesting and to make money for your particular class, you can start selling custom, embroidered t-shirts. To make this idea work, you might have a contest where different students in the class come up with designs for the t-shirts; after a short period, have all the students vote on one or a few designs. They can each buy one for themselves, and when they wear them around school, they can create instant buzz and interest other students in purchasing shirts for their families and friends. Embroidery is perfect for these types of shirts, as students can be rough on their clothing. When the shirts are embroidered, you need not worry that the picture or wording will fade as might happen with ink. Customization in the form of embroidered personal names can be a great way for students to have something that is uniquely theirs. Not only that, but customization can also help students keep track of their t-shirt. It is easy to misplace a shirt and then be unable to tell whether another similar-looking shirt belongs to the same person. Contact an outlet, such as Mountain Screen Impressions, Inc., for further assistance. Decals and Patches For those who don’t care for t-shirts or want to have something that always shows off their school pride no matter what they are wearing, a great idea is to have patches and decals made up. Patches can be sewn into backpacks, tote bags and jackets, while decals can be put on everything from folders to car bumpers. When coming up with decals and patches, take care to keep the message simple so that the items are not too large. Use the information above to help you choose things that will help raise money for your high school class. Be sure to talk with local print shops and t-shirt shops to get an idea of more things you can...

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4 Tips To Keep Your New Carpet Looking Great

Posted by on Dec 10, 2015 in Uncategorized |

Beautiful carpeting enhances any home, and if you’re planning to replace your carpet it is a good investment. But if you’re going to spend the money to purchase new carpet, you are sure to want to keep it in the best condition possible for as long as you can. Use the following tips to keep your new carpet looking great: Invest in a Quality Vacuum In order to keep carpeting in the best condition possible, it is essential to vacuum regularly. For the best results, you should buy the highest quality vacuum that you can afford. High-end vacuums typically have adjustable heights so you don’t ruin the carpet by sinking the vacuum into the pile. They also have stronger, adjustable suction options which can suck up all of the dirt and debris from each carpet fiber. Regularly vacuuming with a high quality vacuum will help keep your carpeting in good condition and prevent the carpet fibers from becoming damaged. Make a Rule: No Shoes in the House Banning shoes in the house is an easy and effective way to keep new carpet looking wonderful and extending its lifespan. The bottom of shoes are covered in dirt, oil, debris, and other contaminants that will stain carpeting and break down the carpet fibers. In fact, the Huffington Post says that you can easily track in bacteria that can cause urinary, intestinal, and respiratory infections. When you get new carpet, you should feel free to have your family take off their shoes when they enter the home, and don’t be afraid to ask guests to remove their shoes when they come through the door. If you’re very serious about keeping your carpet in perfect shape, consider wearing socks indoors since the natural oils from the skin can damage carpet over time. Keep Carpet Cleaner on Hand Even the most careful household is likely to experience a spill at some point. The key to preventing unsightly stains on your new carpet is to have carpet cleaner on hand to take care of spills immediately. It is a good idea to contact the manufacturer of your new carpet for suggestions of what types of carpet cleaners to use. Using an unapproved carpet cleaner–or even vacuum–can invalidate the warranty on your new carpet.  Schedule Regular Professional Cleaning Services You can vacuum every day and clean up every stain promptly, but professional carpet cleaning is essential to extend the life of new carpeting and keep it looking good. It is recommended that carpeting should be professionally cleaned at least once a year. Professional carpet cleaning is needed since they use hot water extraction (“steam cleaning”). This deep cleaning is imperative because it’s one of the best ways to not only remove stains and dirt, but to remove allergens, germs, and dust...

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3 Things Your Children Need To Know About Using Fire Extinguishers

Posted by on Nov 23, 2015 in Uncategorized |

Fire safety is an important topic to discuss with your children. Statistics show that seven people die in house fires across the United States each day. In order to ensure that your children have the best possible chance of surviving an accidental fire, teaching them how to properly use a fire extinguisher is essential. Here are three things your children need to know to ensure they can effectively wield a fire extinguisher in the future. 1. When extinguishing a fire, aim for the base of the flames. Your child’s initial reaction might be to aim the fire extinguisher directly at the flames when a fire occurs, This is not an effective way to put out a fire, since the chemical extinguishing agent (which may be pressurized nitrogen or powdered potassium bicarbonate depending on the model of extinguisher you purchase) within the fire extinguisher will simply pass right through the flames without stopping them. By teaching your children to aim for the base of the flame instead, they will be able to extinguish the fuel source feeding the fire. As you practice putting out imaginary fires, be sure that your children know to aim low when using a fire extinguisher. 2. Stand a safe distance from the fire when using a fire extinguisher. It’s important for your children to know that they need to maintain a safe distance when using a fire extinguisher to put out dangerous flames. Be sure that you check the manufacturer’s label on your fire extinguisher to identify the discharge range of that particular extinguisher. Most units have a discharge range between 6 and 20 feet. Help your children identify the maximum discharge range for the fire extinguishers in your home, then have them practice standing within that range to extinguish imaginary fires. This will allow your children to more safely extinguish real fires in the future. 3. Identify when a fire extinguisher will not be effective. The safe use of a fire extinguisher includes knowing when using an extinguisher will not work. Teaching your children about the four stages of a fire will help them better identify when grabbing a fire extinguisher is not an option. Most extinguishers (click here for more information) are effective for use on fires in the incipient, or ignition, stage of a fire. If the flames of the fire are still relatively small, then it’s likely still in the incipient stage. Larger flames signal an increase in fuel, and you should instruct your children to immediately vacate the home and contact the fire department to deal with these larger fires. By teaching your children how to safely use a fire extinguisher, you can prevent fire-related injuries in the...

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Honoring Military Veteran Employees: Things You Can Do

Posted by on Nov 2, 2015 in Uncategorized |

There are over 19 million military veterans living in the United States, and many of these people are employed in the same civilian jobs as their neighbors and friends. Veterans bag groceries, fix cars, answer phones, and work in the medical field. If your business has a military veteran in its employ and you want to honor your employee in a very special way, here are things you can do to say you appreciate all the work they’ve done to keep your freedom intact today. Plaques or awards On holidays where honoring veterans is especially appropriate, such as Flag Day and Veteran’s Day, you can display a plaque or award in your employee’s honor. This plaque can feature a military symbol of the branch your employee has served in or simply be a plaque that expresses your company’s gratitude for your employee’s years of service. You can display these plaques and awards on special days in the main office, and place them in a break room or other discreet area during the rest of the year so you can still honor your military employee without always making them center stage. If you are concerned about your other employees being jealous of the “special attention” your military employee gets, you can get a plaque with all your other employees’ names on it that you can display next to the military veteran’s plaque or award. The other plaque can say something along the lines of, “These valued employees thank our veterans” so all your employees feel recognized when honoring their veteran employee. Honoring holidays Your company may be open every day of the week or may only close during the major holidays, such as Christmas or New Year’s Day. If this is the case, make sure your military veteran employees can still take off the national holidays that pertain most to them, such as Independence Day. If the rest of your employees still have to work on these days while your military employee takes time off, you can remedy this situation by giving your other employees overtime or holiday bonus pay for their hard work. You may also want to begin closing your business on military holidays in honor of your veteran employees and allow all your employees to have this special time off with or without holiday pay. Discuss with your employees whether they would like to have this extra time off, or if they would be willing to work a half or even full day with compensation. Honoring military veterans in the workplace is a great way to say you are grateful for their hard work to protect your freedom. In placing out plaques and awards and giving time off for appropriate holidays, your veteran employees can feel like they are appreciated in many ways. For personalized plaques and other awards, contact a company such as Hometown...

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4 Ways To Protect Your Confidential Information In Storage

Posted by on Oct 19, 2015 in Uncategorized |

If you maintain any form of confidential information, such as personally identifiable information or customer credit card information, you need to keep it safe. That includes when you put it in your storage unit. In general, a storage company will not be considered liable for damages related to confidential information breaches if that information was stored negligently or unnecessarily. 1. Always Shred Excess, Old, and Used Documents You should only have multiple copies of a document if they are currently necessary. Any documents that you no longer need should always be shredded. This includes documents that have already been used for their intended purpose. As an example, credit card application forms should be shredded following the application, not stored indefinitely. Most businesses are allowed to shred their documentation seven to nine years after their date of origination. 2. Label and Separate Your Storage Items  You need to be able to distinguish easily between standard business operations documents and confidential information. Your storage items should be marked with a thorough inventory of contents, and equally importantly, confidential information should never be mixed with other more mundane documents. Keeping your documents separate will make it much easier to track them.  3. Limit Access to the Unit Only those who have clearance to view confidential information should ever have access to the unit. To avoid confusion, the unit should not be accessible to multiple parties at the same time — this could lead to a situation in which no one is certain who pulled specific files. There should also be a procedure in place for these individuals to check out files as needed so that there is a log maintained. 4. Increase Your Physical Security There are certain things you can do to increase the physical security of your storage unit. You can have a small safe within the unit itself to protect particularly important information, such as legal documents, intellectual property, and digital files. You can purchase new, more effective locks, and utilize more than one lock at a time — you can even have keys with separate individual people, so that they must both unlock the unit at once. Finally, you can get a unit that is protected by fencing, security cameras, and other lot security services. If you are governed by specific regulatory compliance laws — such as those that apply to financial, legal, and medical industries — you should check with your industry association to find out more about any necessary storage procedures. In general, confidential information should only be stored as absolutely necessary for the performance of a service and as disclosed to the individual. If you’re looking for a storage facility in your area, visit Capitol City Mini...

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Four Home Office Moving Tips

Posted by on Sep 24, 2015 in Uncategorized |

It’s an exciting time—your business is growing and you are moving out of the home office and into your first outside office space. Making sure everything is packed up properly and safely can help you finish the move with as little stress as possible. The following tips can help. Tip #1: Secure Your Data Your records and work data are often one of the most vital components of your business. Any time you move computer hardware there is the chance that data could be lost. Take the time to back up everything to either a cloud service or a separate thumb drive. This way you can quickly regain anything if there are any issues during the move. This goes for paper data, as well. Client files and important paperwork should be housed in a secure spot for the move. Remove drawers from filing cabinets to simplify moving them, but place each drawer into a bag and seal it closed. This ensures that no files are lost or damaged during the move. If materials contain sensitive information, then you may need to leave the drawers in a locked cabinet and utilize a dolly to move the entire cabinet. Tip #2: Take a Picture The mishmash of cords and plugs emerging from the back of many computers and office peripherals can be confusing, even if you are relatively tech savvy. Take a picture of the back of your devices before disassembling the setup so that you know how to plug everything back in when you arrive at your new office. You may also want to take a photo of any office furniture before you disassemble it for the move. Then, place all screws and hardware into a plastic bag that is labeled so you know what it belongs to. Keep all the bags in one area so you can find them quickly later. Tip #3: Box Wisely You are boxing things up with two end goals in mind—easy carrying and easy loading in the moving truck. On this note, heavy things like books should go in small boxes that one person can handle easily. Opt for boxes of a uniform size so it is easier to load them into a truck without fear of them shifting during the move. Most moving trucks also have tie downs inside, so you can stretch rope across the space to keep your stacks of boxes from sliding around. Tip #4: Organize Your Moving Day Finally, make sure you have your entire moving day organized in a way that makes the most sense. For example, most moving trucks are rented by the day or hour, so you will want to make sure your office is completely packed before picking up the truck. A sample moving day plan is as follows: Finalize any remaining packing at the home office and make sure there is a clear path from the office to the exit. Do a final inspection of the new office. Make sure everything is clean and dusted before moving in items. Also, check for hazards like loose carpet or rugs, and remove them or tape them down before you begin to move. Pick up the rental truck. Allow time to perform a quick inspection to ensure that the truck is running correctly and that all safety...

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4 Reasons Sleep Is The Weakest Link

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When you’re not getting enough sleep, or the sleep you’re getting is of poor quality, you’re likely to feel some immediate effects. Grogginess, clumsiness, and just generally feeling blah are some of the first effects you’re likely to experience. What few people realize, however, is that there are bigger problems that lack of sleep can introduce into your life. Memory Issues When you aren’t getting enough sleep, your brain isn’t able to process information the same way that it can when it’s well rested. So your brain can’t grab the facts that it needs, when it needs them. You may find that you have to have several nights of poor sleep in order to start having memory trouble, but others find that even one night of interrupted sleep is enough to cause problems. Decreased Alertness According to the Centers for Disease Control, driving after too little sleep is equivalent to having a blood alcohol level of .05 percent or more. As the time without sleep increases, the equivalent blood alcohol level rises exponentially. What this means is that even a small amount of sleep can affect your reflexes and your ability to remain alert. Driving after extreme sleep deprivation is not a good idea, but many people don’t understand the danger. Strained Relationships If you’re not sleeping well at night, chances are that your partner is all too aware of the fact and is experiencing sleep troubles along with you. When your sleep problems affect your partner as well, your relationship may become a bit strained. Also, as you each deal with less sleep than you want and need, your tempers are likely to get shorter. That adds to the strain, potentially adding further problems along with lack of sleep. Weight Gain Getting too little sleep can affect your waistline, as if it weren’t affecting enough other areas of your life. Not enough sleep interferes with hormone levels in your body, specifically ghrelin, which is responsible for turning on and off the hunger reflex. Improper amounts of sleep also throw leptin levels out of whack. Leptin is the hormone that lets your body know that it’s time to stop eating because you’re full. With all of those hormones and reflexes out of alignment, you’re likely to gain weight without realizing how it’s happening. If you’re ready to get better sleep, contact a Serta iComfort expert today like Sleep-N-Aire. You’ll find out firsthand what you’ve been missing by getting far less sleep than you...

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3 Tips to Prevent Fights at Your Bar

Posted by on Aug 24, 2015 in Uncategorized |

Running a bar can be a fantastic way to bring in a living, and you might have a lot of fun running your operation as well. However, one thing that you might worry about is dealing with patrons who might become violent, particularly after they have had a few drinks. Although it might be impossible to stop someone from starting a bar fight if they are really itching for a fight, there are a lot of things that you can do to help prevent keep these fights to a minimum. These are some of the ways that you can help prevent fights at your bar. 1. Hire a Security Company A good security company — particularly one that is accustomed to helping those who run bars and nightclubs — can help you prevent bar fights, underage drinking, and more. They can advise you about putting in ample security cameras, which can help you both monitor for potential problems and prevent people from wanting to fight in the first place, since they will be worried about getting caught on camera. The company can also provide you with on-site security, which can help with checking IDs, escorting troublemakers out the door, and breaking up fights if they do happen. 2. Take Fights Seriously If your bar is known for letting people get away with fighting, then you will only have more problems in the future. It is important to take fights very seriously and to take action against those who participate in violence, such as by escorting them off the premises or even calling the police when necessary. Once your patrons realize that you aren’t going to put up with this kind of violence, they might just decide to take it elsewhere. 3. Control Alcohol Consumption One of the best ways to prevent violence and to otherwise prevent things from getting out of control is to control alcohol consumption in your bar. Avoid mixing your drinks too strong, and teach your bar tenders to keep an eye out for the signs of inebriation. Once patrons have had too much to drink and are showing signs of possibly getting out of control, it is smart to stop serving them alcohol. Along with helping to prevent fights on your premises, controlling alcohol consumption can also help you comply with local laws and keep everyone in your bar safe. Dealing with fights in your bar can be a big problem, but following these three tips can help prevent this issue. Talk to a security company like Security Services Northwest, Inc for more...

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Common Questions ABout Protecting And Restoring Wood Furniture

Posted by on Aug 6, 2015 in Uncategorized |

The wooden furniture that is in your home or business is a major investment, and it is important for you to understand the steps that you can take to help ensure that your furniture is always looking its best. Unfortunately, this is a topic that many people are not particularly experienced with, and this can cause them to make some errors that can severely degrade the appearance of their pieces of furniture. After understanding these two answers to common questions about furniture care, you should be better able to avoid or correct some routine forms of damage. What Can Be Done For Discolored Tables? Tables are often subjected to substantial amounts of abuse over the course of time. Whether it is a dining room table or simple a coffee stand, it is possible for spills to permanently discolor sections of the table. Sadly, there are some people that make the mistake of assuming that there is nothing that can be done for these stains. Luckily, it is often possible for a specialty furniture restoration professional to repair this type of cosmetic damage. This can be done by either coloring over the stain to match the rest of the wood or actually removing the discolored portion and filling it in with a special resin. Is It Possible To Protect Furniture From Excessive Humidity? Another common source of damage to wood furniture comes from excessive humidity. When the humidity is high, it is possible for condensation to form on the wood, and this can contribute to the development of rot and mold growth. Additionally, it can cause the wood to warp, which can ruin the piece of furniture. Due to these concerns, it is important for you to take some steps to protect your furniture from this threat. For most people, simply sealing the furniture once every few years will be sufficient protection. However, if you live somewhere with extremely high humidity, you may want to invest in a dehumidifier to further reduce the chances of this type of damage occurring. Keeping your furniture safe from some common sources of damage is important for getting the most from this sizable investment in  your home. Understanding that discolored spots on tables can be repaired and steps for protecting your furniture from humidity damage will help you keep your furniture safe and in good condition. In addition to keeping your home’s interior looking great, this will also help you save money on expensive furniture...

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