Finding Work: The Value of an Employment Agency

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Finding Work: The Value of an Employment Agency

Owing to a rough economy, my employer had to cut back, and I was one of the employees that had to go. With no immediate prospects, but plenty of bills to manage, I decided to sign up with an employment agency. That decision turned out to be the best thing I could've done. The agency found an assignment for me in a matter of days. When it was completed, they had another one waiting. That second assignment led to an offer of permanent employment. If you are out of work, let me tell you about the perks of working with an employment agency. By the time I'm done, you'll be on the way out the door to sign up and get back into the work force.



How To Properly Install A Fence Post In Soil

If you want to give the exterior of your house a little more definition and style, a small fence in your front yard might be the perfect solution. Even a small fence that is just 4' tall can frame your landscape and lawn, making your entire property look more cohesive. This looks especially sharp if you choose a fence color that matches the trim or wall colors of your house. When installing small fences in soil, you can do the work on your own even if you do not have a bunch of tools and construction experience. This article explains what tools you need and how to install a fence post in soil.

Digging the Hole

The first step is obviously to dig the hole. But how deep do the holes need to be? While there are no set rules, it is always good to dig your hole 1/2 as deep as the fence will be tall. So, for 4' tall fence, you will need a 2' deep hole. In total, you will need a 6' long post. Professional fence installers use post digging shovels. These are sold and most garden centers and home improvement stores. However, since you probably already own a normal shovel, you don't need to invest in a post digging shovel just for this project. A normal shovel will suffice.

Tamping the Hole

It is also very important you have a tamping pole. This allows you to harden the sides of the hole to prevent it from crumbling. It is very important that you tamp the bottom of the hole so the posts do not sink as they're being installed. Use a level to make adjustments as you install each post. It is best to dig and install one post and then base the rest off of that one.

Adding Concrete to the Hole

Once the hole is dug, you will need to pour concrete into it. One person can hold the post while the other pours the concrete and water. Some people mistakenly mix the concrete powder with water and then pour it into the hole. You'll actually get a better hold if you pour the concrete mix directly in to the hole and then add water. You can use a stick to stir these together. As the concrete dries, you need to use a level to make sure that the post is perfectly vertical.

In the end, this simple exterior upgrade will add a lot of style to your home exterior. It is a great investment if you have pets that you want to keep safe. You will certainly enjoy your front yard a lot more if it has a small fence. Contact a company like Security Fence for more information or assistance.