Finding Work: The Value of an Employment Agency

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Finding Work: The Value of an Employment Agency

Owing to a rough economy, my employer had to cut back, and I was one of the employees that had to go. With no immediate prospects, but plenty of bills to manage, I decided to sign up with an employment agency. That decision turned out to be the best thing I could've done. The agency found an assignment for me in a matter of days. When it was completed, they had another one waiting. That second assignment led to an offer of permanent employment. If you are out of work, let me tell you about the perks of working with an employment agency. By the time I'm done, you'll be on the way out the door to sign up and get back into the work force.



Three Reasons To Use Mailing Tubes For Cosmetics Delivery

If you own a cosmetics and personal care business, you know how important the packaging can be for an item. A makeup item that is packaged to look pretty may attract the eye of customers and have them willing to try it out. If you want to extend that pretty makeup packaging to your mailing packages, you should use mailing tubes in order to send off your products. Here are three reasons to use small mailing tubes for mailing off your cosmetics line. 

Easy to slide in many cosmetics

When you are packaging things inside of a square or rectangular box, there is only so many ways that an item can be placed inside of the box to fit. With a mailing tube, you can slide a number of items into a smaller tube without worrying about how to fit it in. the cylindrical shape will cause items to fall and lay in only a few ways, allowing you to pack the mailing tube to the brim. Be sure to get wide tubes in different lengths so that you can select the right one with the order. 

Easily reusable

Most mailing boxes are made of cardboard. You can purchase plastic mailing tubes that are durable and able to be used multiple times. You can offer your customers a discount if they order more cosmetics and send back their old mailing tube, which decreases the amount you spend on shipping products. You can also offer a free product or a certain refund percentage for returning the mailing tube as well. Investing in reusable mailing tubes can cut the necessary bottom line down for your company.

Fill the container with fun packing material

In order to pad your products, you can fill the products with inexpensive materials. Homemade confetti is easy to cut up and make out of construction paper and will operate as proper padding for many cosmetic items if placed throughout the packaging tube. You can also utilize inexpensive tissue paper in order to wrap all of your cosmetics products. Tissue paper in many colors can be found in bulk for cheap and allow you to color coordinate the way that you pack products. For instance, anything packed inside of a green tissue paper is a lip product, while anything wrapped inside of blue colored paper is a foundation or powder base. Doing this will give some continuity to your packing process, plus coordinate things for your customers.