Finding Work: The Value of an Employment Agency

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Finding Work: The Value of an Employment Agency

Owing to a rough economy, my employer had to cut back, and I was one of the employees that had to go. With no immediate prospects, but plenty of bills to manage, I decided to sign up with an employment agency. That decision turned out to be the best thing I could've done. The agency found an assignment for me in a matter of days. When it was completed, they had another one waiting. That second assignment led to an offer of permanent employment. If you are out of work, let me tell you about the perks of working with an employment agency. By the time I'm done, you'll be on the way out the door to sign up and get back into the work force.



Introverted Website? 3 Ways To Prevent Your Online Presence From Hindering SEO

Introverted and extroverted personalities have their own benefits and pitfalls. However, when it comes to search engine optimization (SEO), an introverted online presence will make it harder to reach your goals. There are ways to become more extroverted and stand out among the crowd in the online space.

Implement Full Disclosure

If you have a physical business, one of the first pieces of information viewers will see in major search engines is your directory listing. Make sure this information is updated and error-free. You should have accurate contact information, a link to your website and customer reviews whenever possible. Internet viewers can make quick decisions based on directory information. A comparable business with a wealth of information in their directory listing is likely to catch the eye of a potential customer.

Don't Be A Wallflower

No matter how beautiful and interesting your website is, it means little without social interaction. Websites with a nice social life on various social media platforms typically improve their SEO. Your website does not need a strong presence on every social media platform. The quality of your social interactions is what matters. Stick to a few platforms where you can interact with your followers beyond simply posting pictures or updates.

Socializing is not limited to social media platforms. Your website will perform better in SEO if you can create social engagement directly on your website. Make space for a blog on your website. A regularly updated blog will show search engines your website is not stagnant. Furthermore, if you keep the comments enabled, you encourage socialization on your blog. By sharing the same posts on your social media accounts, you can easily double your social engagement factor.

Share Your Knowledge

Whether your website is for a business or niche, you want viewers and search engines to recognize your authority on a subject. For example, if you have a plumbing business, it is not enough to discuss your services. You want to go in-depth on a few services to show how your business is an expert on different plumbing issues. Linking to a few authoritative websites is also helpful, just be sure they are not competitors. Innocently linking to a major store to show an example of toilet parts could lure customers to buy their parts elsewhere and call you for the installation.

Making your website more extroverted can pay off when considering your SEO strategy. Websites that succeed in their SEO strategy do so by mingling in the online space and creating a strong online presence. If you need help with strengthening your online presence, contact local SEO services for assistance.